Linx Free

4.7 ( 9117 ratings )
Gry Akcja Automaty
Desenvolvedor: Chris Haynes

"The gameplay on Linx is great... Overall, an excellent app; I would not hesitate to find another product from this developer in the future."

"This is one of the most entertaining apps I have on my iPhone, and thats coming from a person that filled up all nine of his home screens!"

"Its refreshing to try something new."

"This game is very addictive."

Linx Free is a fun game that gets fast and frantic very quickly! Draw "linx" between squares of the same colour. Draw the required amount for that level and you advance to the next.

Its not as simple as you think. In your way are balls that bounce around the screen. Hit a ball with your line while youre drawing it and you lose a life. Take too long to draw a link, and you lose another life.

Its not all bad; there are bonuses to be had: squares that count as any colour, bombs that remove other squares, and smart bombs that remove all squares of that colour. Youll also get extra lives, extra seconds for your timer, and you can even remove a ball from play.

Its fun, its fast, its Linx Free!

- Great graphics and gameplay!
- Fast-paced action
- Only 5 levels in the free version
- Save a game to play it later
- Levels grow in difficulty

- The full version has many more features: hi-scores, combos, freebies, more square colours, more balls and *hundreds* more levels!